Award winning integrated home Middle of England

This project won the CEDIA Best Integrated Home Award in 2017.  We were asked to design a system for the lighting control, blind and window control, internal and gate intercom, gate control, CCTV integration, AV throughout, and cinema room, all working from a bespoke and simple integrated system.

The client’s core requirements were for the installations to be unobtrusive, easy to use, effective and reliable. Unobtrusive –  a mix of invisible Amina speakers and subwoofers were deployed and the TVs in the upper zone were hidden in joinery when not in use.  In the lower ground floor, a combination of TV lift, integrated soundbar and invisible speakers produced the perfect result. Easy to use –  Lighting was controlled throughout by sensors and astronomical time clocks, with the client only interacting with the system when a lighting scene was to be changed.  Control of the audio and visual was facilitated through a range of devices such as remotes, tablets, phones and touch screens. Effective – the systems in the large open plan zone doubled as AV and multi-room audio systems.   We used Amina invisible speakers to fill a large space with an effortless and even levelled sound. Reliable –  We are fully aware that you can install the most amazing technology to wow the client, but if it is unreliable it will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Complex systems need to be reliable.  This system carried a full two-year parts and labour warranty, with an eight-year limited warranty on the lighting controls.  We used the most tried and tested products that are available with remote access to the main processors, making sure that the system would work to its fullest extent.

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