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Lighting DesignAn exquisitely designed lighting system, with its variable expressions of light and shade, tones and hues, creates a tangible sense of mood and comfort. It sets it apart from the simple ‘on-off’ light bulb and puts you in complete finger-tip control of the serenity of your home. It’s the icing on the cake, so often overlooked, that makes a real success of your home build.

Cleary Automated work with the most experienced lighting designers to plan and install lighting control systems, providing you with the decorative and functional lighting you require.

Setting the scene for the dinner party or your night in at the movies, or illuminating the house during holidays with a pre-programmed pattern of changing lights, is within easy reach. Today’s lighting control systems are highly sophisticated in their capabilities but exceptionally easy to use. And, if you’re concerned about energy efficiency, installing a lighting control system is the perfect way to help save electricity and reduce costs.

For the ultimate in convenience, your lighting control can be integrated into one of our fully automated home solutions. Imagine pushing a single button on your iPad and seeing the blinds close, the lights dim, the cinema screen descend from the ceiling and the projector fire into life. It’s all within easy reach. See our Home Automated section for more information.

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