Northfield Barn South Yorkshire

A meeting of minds. A stunning barn conversion that made the most out of the beautiful rural setting with an ingenious shading solution. Modern automated lighting and a state-of-the-art home entertainment system.

A Perfect Collaboration

This outstanding barn conversion saw us working seamlessly with a knowledgeable property developer owner and the luxury door and window experts Express Bi-Folding Doors.

As we were involved with the project from the beginning of the planning process, we were really able to add value right from the start. It’s always a pleasure to be involved in this manner as it allows us to deliver a truly bespoke solution to perfectly suit the requirements, and add value to the property.

Maximising Views & Controlling Light

The barn is quietly nestled in the picturesque South Yorkshire countryside.

It was evident from the start that incorporating the outstanding views on offer was a pivotal aspect of the project. The barn conversion featured a huge array of glass doors and windows, allowing the owner a panoramic view of the delightfully rural locale.

This meant devising a streamlined, automated shading system. With a touch of a button on the wall mounted control panels – or even from a mobile phone – the Lutron blinds could be drawn and instantly control the amount of light flowing into the property.

Along with light control, the blinds work to reflect heat, keeping the property comfortable in the summer months without sacrificing the view.

Rolling hills or complete privacy, all at the touch of a button.

Let There Be Light

Along with controlling the natural light, we also worked on an internal lighting control solution. We implemented a Lutron system which allowed for ease of use with the automated blinds. Within seconds the barn transitions from natural light streaming in, to bathing in subtle mood lighting. All from one easy to use control panel or mobile app.

It’s all in one elements like this that really makes the difference to projects. It’s your home, it shouldn’t be a chore.

Safe And Secure

With the barn situated in a beautiful rural location, a robust security system was a priority.

In order to keep out unwanted guests – including the in-laws – a DoorBird intercom system was installed. This was integrated with a 7″ touchscreen RTI control system.


When not enjoying the glorious views, the owner wanted to relax in their home cinema. The Sonos surround sound and cinema experience we installed made it a quick and easy process to go from gentle background music to party night, or even a Hollywood screening.

This project truly turned a barn into a home.


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