Maximising productivity when working from home

“It’s the new normal”.   How many times have we heard that in the last few months?  In these challenging times, one thing is for sure, there has been a sudden increase in the number of people who are working from home.  The daily commute has now become three or four steps to the home office or kitchen table.  Thank goodness we have the technology to make this possible for the majority.

You’d be hard pushed to find someone in the world of work who didn’t have a smartphone and obviously, this is the number one device to assist us with our work, closely followed by our laptop.  However, there is a lot more you can do these days to make you super-efficient from home.

Wifi and Home Network

Clearly, you need a reliable high performing network and wifi during this time – without it, we’re all pretty stuffed, let’s face it.  You need to know that video conferencing is going to work every time, even if the kids are streaming Netflix on the same network.  If you have other home-workers or kids sharing a network with you then you would really benefit from a professionally installed robust system to maximise performance. With a combination of ethernet cables, switches and top of the range routers you won’t have to worry about the internet dropping out at a crucial time.


A.I. Virtual Assistant

Many of us are familiar with using Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or other digital virtual assistants in our personal lives, such as making shopping lists, playing music or radio or setting the lighting (something we’ll talk more about later) but how many of us use these devices to their full potential in our working day?  Here are some things you could ask Alexa for when working from home to make your day more efficient:

  • automation (many possibilities here, such as automating the ambience during working hours and scheduling routine tasks)
  • fast facts and quick calculations
  • dictation
  • ordering supplies
  • calendaring
  • to-do lists

There’s a good blog here that goes into more detail about using Alexa in your home office if you want to know more.  Check it out.


Setting the Scene

  1. Lighting Control  A big thing for us here at Clearly Automated is lighting control.  We’ve been installing lighting control systems in the UK for many years now and think it’s underrated.   We feel sure it will be the choice for lighting for many more in the future and if you’re working from home could really give you the edge.  With lighting control, you can preset and automate the lighting in your workspace.  Biodynamic (or circadian) lighting is a technical method that sets the lighting at the right levels to improve alertness and productivity during working hours.  Lighting control makes this possible.  Read more about biodynamic lighting here.
  2. Climate  Have you ever been working from home and you suddenly realise you’re feeling overheated, or chilly?  Sometimes we get stuck into some work and the hours go by where we ignore our body’s signals.  Not a good thing when amidst a global pandemic!  It’s a subtle thing but a smart climate control system will make working from home more comfortable, allowing you to get on with your work without distraction.  Every room in the house will be set to the right levels for that room.  For example, sitting still at the desk most of the day is going to require a warmer environment than being busy and on your feet in the kitchen.
  3. Sounds  You may be a person who likes to work in silence but there are some of us who feel more relaxed with some background tunes.  Even better to have a centrally controlled system that works across the property and works with your Alexa.  ‘Alexa play my working playlist’, it’s as simple as that.  You could go even further and play music which has been proven to improve productivity.  Check out this article from Lifehack
  4. Automated window treatments  Now we’re really fine-tuning your workspace!  Here at Clearly Automated, we install blinds and curtains that can be fully automated.  You can control them with your phone or with a voice command – or they can even open and close depending on the level of light.  If the sun comes around and hits the window by your desk, the blind will automatically shade your computer.  Nothing to distract you.  You have to admit, that’s pretty cool.  Yes, we still get excited about these things after all these years!

Back in the 70s, with the rise of the PC and then in the late 90s with the world wide web boom, it was predicted that more and more people would be working from home.  It didn’t happen as quickly as people thought it would.  But now that people have been forced to stay at home in 2020 the transition to home working has undoubtedly taken a leap.

If you are one of those who is considering continuing working from home – why not make your workspace as efficient and comfortable as you can – the smart way!

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